We are a religious community of open-minded, tolerant, and compassionate people who gather not just to feel good, but to do good. We help each other along our individual spiritual paths, striving for intellectual honesty.

We respect and value every person; you are welcome here regardless of the color of your skin, your nationality, or your sexual orientation or gender identity. We covenant on how we will treat each other, and we pitch in to share the work that makes this community vibrant. We promote a culture of participation, believing that if we want to live in a just and caring world, we need to be the ones to make it so. We believe in the transforming power of love.

Love is the spirit of this Congregation and service is its practice.

There’s also a lot of fun, inspiring music ranging from bluegrass to classical, and a choir you’d enjoy, whether you sing in it or just listen.

There is always room for you and your family at UUCWI.  We would love to get to know you and to have you get to know us. Come to visit us! There’s nothing like experiencing our community.

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