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Season of Atonement

There are times when we might acknowledge and apologize for missteps we have made that created difficulties for others. Jewish traditions have done so with intention for centuries. How might we learn from some traditions and truly reconcile our past with the present?

Worship Leader: Rick Weiss
Special Musician: Nola Allen

Christmas Day Celebration

Christmas has only fallen on a Sunday one other time since we built our sanctuary. We will gather in a circle of camaraderie and love to sing, share stories and a holiday potluck brunch. So we can plan appropriately, please be sure to “sign up” in the foyer during the weeks prior. It will help to anticipate how many might attend. With Rev. Dennis Reynolds and Katy Shaner

Christmas Eve

All ages are invited to help fill our candlelit sanctuary with carols for our annual sunset celebration of the gifts of hope and love that the Christmas Story offers to us all.  With Rev. Dennis Reynolds and Terra Anderson

No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant

No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant — Dec 18, 2016
At this service we will hold our first-ever “No Rehearsal Christmas Pageant”. Two narrators will tell the story and there will be Christmas carols for everyone to sing – supplemented by the choir.
All of the adult costumes/roles have been claimed. We would still love to have some children participate. There are child-sized costumes available for angels and sheep. And children could be stars – holding bamboo poles with large paper stars.
We will close the service with our Second Annual Hallelujah Chorus Sing! Accompanied by a recording of full orchestra and chorus, you’ll be invited to join in the singing. Sheet music will be available.

Touchdown Jesus: An Exploration of Faith and Football (Audio)

“It’s only a game,” and yet American football has a powerful impact on our schedules and culture. This Sunday we will explore the impacts of the game, its metaphorical role, its appeal, and the relationship between the sacred and the secular. This has been an intriguing season on the field and in our nation. Speaker: Rev. Dennis Reynolds Worship Leader: Sara Heath Special Music: Nola Allen

Reclaiming the Holy in Our Holidays (Audio)

For many of us, the excesses of Madison Avenue have spoiled the magic and peace of our holiday season – we are overwhelmed by advertising and crowds of people. Where is the love, the space for peace and friendship, for singing and reflection? Please join Sharon Parks, Larry Daloz and Terra Anderson in an exploration of how each of us might begin reclaiming that which we most value about the holidays. Music: Laurie Riley

What Is Progress?

The elections have come and gone.  It’s likely that none of us got just what we wanted.  For some, our favored candidates and issues never made the ballot.  Then those who consider themselves progressives were divided.  Now that the results are in, how do we … read more.

Reflections on a Journey to Sacred Stone

Rev. Dennis Reynolds:
I was honored to be part of a small Pacific Northwest UU delegation to the Standing Rock Sioux’s tribal lands. There we joined people from 200 indigenous communities and tribal nations as part of efforts to halt an oil pipeline across sacred … read more.

The Spiritual Practice of Leadership

Can you get from the mundane to the divine on a committee?  Sarah will ponder this question from her perspective as president of UUCWI.
Speaker: Sarah Richards
Worship Leader: the Board of Trustees