Speaker: The Reverend Emily Melcher

Lo, the Earth Awakes Again

With Terra Anderson, David Edwards, and Erin Howard

Many of us are so nourished by nature that we feel ourselves quickening in concert with the budding trees and blossoming flowers, as if not only the earth, but we ourselves, were made new by Spring. Join us … read more.

Loving in the Face of Loss

with Mark Simpson and Eileen Soskin

Our usual ways of doing things are suspended, possibly for a very long time. How do we nurture and express love when we can’t gather in person, can’t share hugs or meals, can’t sing together or work for justice side-by-side? … read more.

In the Generous Pocket of Silence – Video

In this season of ding-a-ling-a-ling, what would it mean for us to find ourselves in what poet Billy Collins calls “the generous pocket of silence”?

With Ruth Richards; music by the UUCWI Chalice Choir, David Edwards directing, and accompaniment by Erin Howard.

Blue Christmas Vespers Service

For many, the holiday season, with its hustle and bustle and its expectation of joy, is a difficult time. If you’re struggling this season with losses, grief, distance from friends or loved ones, worry for the world, loneliness, or anything else, please join us for … read more.

What’s Your SOS? (Video)

Psychologist of religion Kenneth Pargament coined the phrase “spiritual orienting system” to describe the “habits, values, relationships, and beliefs that express one’s spirituality or sense of the sacred.” While many Unitarian Universalists don’t find the notion of a God or gods … read more.

“Whose Bodies Matter?” (Video)

Spoiler alert: Of course, the answer is that everyone’s body matters. That goes without saying for Unitarian Universalists. Or does it? It seems to me that shame wreaks havoc with us as well, and sometimes “it is necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness,” to … read more.

Bringing General Assembly Home (Video)

Sixteen members and friends of UUCWI, plus our Minister, attended our Unitarian Universalist Association’s annual General Assembly in June. In today’s service, we’ll share just a few of our experiences and learnings, and attempt to give you a sense of the culture and direction of … read more.

Speaking of Abortion … (Video)

with Erica Steele, and Mavis Cauffman
Music: The Chalice Choir with David Edwards

Few topics are more polarized or polarizing than abortion. People on both sides of the issue are convinced of the certitude of their positions, and acrimonious advocacy aimed at changing other people’s views deepens … read more.