Speaker: Terra Anderson

Christmas Eve Magic

Image by Laura Nyhuis on Unsplash.

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Christmas Eve is a sacred night on which Unitarian Universalists celebrate the universal hope for peace on earth and open our hearts to embrace the story of the birth of … read more.

How Wide is Our Circle? (Video)

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This month’s theme has been “cultivating relationships”  Those words may evoke in us reflection on how we are in relationship with each other, our church, our families, our neighbors.  And there is so much more to … read more.

Fuel for the Fire

Artwork by Kathleen Myers.

Featuring the Chalice Choir led by David Edwards.

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In February we enjoyed services and “Soul Matters” conversations about this treasured community and what it means to cultivate a broader “beloved” community.  … read more.

Remembering Our Beloveds

Each year, on the Sunday before Memorial Day, we set aside time to remember departed beloveds. There will be opportunities for shared remembrances and appreciations of those no longer with us in body, but whose love still moves within us.  Some say that it is … read more.

Earth Sabbath

Guest musician: Barbara Dunn

It is true that no one individual can solve the challenges facing our planet, but each of us can, and must, make choices for the good of all life. Our 7th principle asks no less of us. Through story, music, and poetry, … read more.