Speaker: The Reverend Dr. Emily Melcher

An Adventure of the Spirit – Video

The English mathematician and process philosopher Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) considered worship “an adventure of the spirit”. Join us for today’s adventure! 

With: Gladys Howard
Music: Eileen Soskin

Story for all ages with Rev. Emily Melcher

Sermon by Rev. Emily Melcher

Photo at top by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash.com

Filling the Hole – Audio

It’s a rare person in the US today whose life is not touched by addiction. Whether we ourselves live with addiction or have a family member or close friend who does, most of us have at least a glimpse of addiction’s impact. Today, we’ll explore … read more.

In Liminal Space (Video)

Every one of us experiences change: a new relationship, divorce, job loss, family changes, moving, health issues, the end of relationships, and, ultimately, our own deaths.  Our beloved UUCWI has also experienced significant changes in the past two years. Transitions specialist William Bridges writes, “It … read more.