Speaker: The Reverend Dr. Emily Melcher

Breaking Open

Image by Jayden Wong on Unsplash

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When a heart breaks, does it break apart, never to be gathered up into a new whole, or does it break open, creating an place for renewal? Here at … read more.

An Adventure of the Spirit – Video

The English mathematician and process philosopher Alfred North Whitehead (1861-1947) considered worship “an adventure of the spirit”. Join us for today’s adventure! 

With: Gladys Howard
Music: Eileen Soskin

Story for all ages with Rev. Emily Melcher

Sermon by Rev. Emily Melcher

Photo at top by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash.com

Filling the Hole – Audio

It’s a rare person in the US today whose life is not touched by addiction. Whether we ourselves live with addiction or have a family member or close friend who does, most of us have at least a glimpse of addiction’s impact. Today, we’ll explore … read more.