Speaker: The Reverend Dr. Emily Melcher

Uniquely Beautiful

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With Toyan Copeland and Eileen Soskin

Join us in person or on zoom for a multi-station, multi-platform flower ceremony celebrating the unique beauty of each individual and the beauty that … read more.

Unfurling Faith – Video

With Effie Brown

Image by Nick Windsor on Pixabay.

Despite common misconceptions, faith often has very little to do with belief. Faith isn’t something we inherit, receive, learn, choose, or assent to so much as it is a response to our experience, and thus, our faith … read more.

The Company We Keep – Video

The Reverend Dr. Emily Melcher with Cheryl Lawrence

Image by aitoff on Pixabay.

Ma Muse’s lyrics “We shall be known by the company we keep” are an invitation to us to carefully consider both the company we habitually keep, and the company we might keep. Where … read more.

Why Christmas? – Video

In November, we considered the generational impacts of trauma; this morning we’ll consider the generational impacts of joy, and why Christmas holds allure even among people who have no connection to the Christian Christmas story.  

Blue Christmas Vespers Service

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Christmas, with its expectations of comfort and joy, is difficult for many of us, and the ongoing pandemic makes it even more so. If you’re struggling this holiday season, whether with personal losses, grief, loneliness, … read more.