Speaker: Rev. Dennis Reynolds

Our own minister

Dennis Reynolds

A Service of Our Living Tradition

Each year, at our UUA General Assembly, the “Service of the Living Tradition” honors those who have achieved significant milestones as religious leaders and acknowledges the continuing changes within our faith tradition.

Here at UUCWI, where leadership is shared, let us take time to honor some of those who have stepped up over the past 25 years to serve this community and celebrate this community’s continuing growth. Here too, as in the larger UU movement, change may be our only constant.

Special Music: The UU Trio and Friends

June 24th will be Dennis’ last day in our pulpit and as our minister. After the service, a community potluck is planned where we can offer both Dennis and Suzanne our best wishes, share laughter, stories and memories of their 6 years on the island.

Please plan to bring a special dish to share. Desserts and beverages will be provided.

If you have pictures and/or memories you would be willing to share, please contact Terra Anderson. Thanks can be shared that day, both as part of the program, or in a written book we will assemble.

Founding Fathers, Future Fathers (Audio)

The fathers of this country spoke of liberty for all. Yet the freedom of which they spoke had limits. Over the generations young men and women have broadened the scope of the grand American experiment far beyond it narr ow patriarchal beginnings.In our times, we have been gifted with new models of what it means to be a father figure, be it for the many or just a few. As we honor what has been given, let’s look ahead towards even greater gifts of inclusive love.

Worship Leader: Gladys Howard

Special Music: Eileen Soskin, Ken Merrell, and David Edwards

Remembering Our Beloveds

Historically, Memorial Day is a holiday to recognize fallen soldiers, people who have given their all in service to their country. We UUs have expanded our annual remembrance service to celebrate those beings of all sorts who are no longer part of our daily lives. In our shared remembering, our loved ones continue to live in our hearts and their gifts endure. You are encouraged to bring pictures and mementoes of your beloveds to display on our altar.

Worship Leader: Mark Simpson
Guest Musician: Claudia Walker

Our Congregation is seeking a new half-time minister. For more information, please see “New Minister Position” under the Ministry menu at the top of this page.

Mother’s Day: Nurturing, Empowering, and Protecting

How might we share the kind of love described by the word “mothering” more fully in the world? Be they sons and daughters, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, or kinfolk within the great human family, we want the best for all the children. We want them safe and strong and confident. We hold them close with love. When the time comes for launching, letting go can be the most daunting and the most necessary thing we do.
Special Music: Bekah Zachritz
Worship Leader: Effie Brown

Our Congregation is seeking a new half-time minister. For more information, please see “New Minister Position” under the Ministry menu at the top of this page.

Ritual, Resurrection, and Reality

As a part of multi-faith tradition, Unitarian Universalists celebrate Holy Days from many traditions. Members of our community celebrate the Spring Equinox, Passover, and Easter. Each celebration includes rituals that link us to important cultural traditions. These activities help us to recall prior experiences of deep connections and remind us of the possibility of new beginnings. Such insights can shape how we make our beliefs manifest in the World.

Worship Leader: Rick Weiss
Guest Musician: Heidi Hoelting

Our Congregation is seeking a new half-time minister. For more information, please see “New Minister Position” under the Ministry menu at the top of this page.

Seeking Spring’s Sweetness (Audio)

Winter’s darkness and wetness still linger in the sky. The dreary weather can cast a shadow on our inner sense of well-being. Are there practices and actions that can help us achieve a lighter, more positive mood and greater balance in our lives? What might they be? How can we best sustain them? As we celebrate the changes of the seasons, how might we invite the feelings that spring brings to be present all year round?

Special Music: Chalice Choir
Worship Leader: Sara Heath

Sacrifice, Simplicity, and Life Choices (Audio)


As we face the growing degradation of the climate and its global impacts, we seek to respond in meaningful ways. What is doable? What are we willing to do?

Might stepping off from our current path open up new ways to move towards new, more sustainable and deeply rewarding ways of lightly living on the earth?

Special Music: Dana Lyons
Worship Leader: Terra Anderson

Our Congregation is seeking a new half-time minister. For more information, please see “New Minister Position” under the Ministry menu at the top of this page.

Legacy and Continuing Commitment (Audio)

It has been nearly 50 years since the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s untimely death. Yet still we dream of truly becoming the beloved community he called us towards. Now a new generation calls us to awake to the truth of our present times and to take up the torch of those who came before. How might we honor the legacy of those who came before as we seek a better future for those who will follow?
Worship Leader: Gladys Howard
Special Music: UUCWI Chalice Choir

Christmas Eve (6 pm)

‘The cosmos enfolds us. We are caught in a web of stars, cradled in a swaying embrace, rocked by the holy night, babes of the universe.” ~ Rev. Rebecca Parker

In this season of darkness, on this night of anticipation and hope, let us gather to share stories and songs and reflect on how the joyous message of Christmas shines bright in our lives. All ages are invited to join in this traditional celebration filled with love, candles, and carols.
Worship Leader: Terra Anderson

Merry Christmas AND Happy Holidays (Audio)

Christmas is the big deal here in the United States, culturally, religiously, and commercially. Yet many other faith traditions also celebrate at this time of year. Let’s honor those diverse celebrations as we concurrently explore what practices and behaviors might in these dark times help us to be truly happy.

Worship Leader: Katy Shaner
Guest Musician: Sue Baer, violin