Speaker: Rev. Bill Graves

Oh My G-d (Audio)

with Rev. Bill Graves
The title to this service borrows from the Jewish tradition of refraining from saying or writing a full word representing the source of all which is unknowable and unnamable. But, even while acknowledging our inherent limitations in this subject area, some of us cannot help pondering questions such as: Is there an ultimate reality to put my faith in beyond myself? What gives me “hope”? Who or what lays claim to my life, my heart? How do I deal with the G-word when I encounter it?

Music: UUCWI Chalice Choir
Worship Leader: Toyan Copeland

Passover’s Call to Spiritual Growth (Audio)

with guest minister Rev. Bill Graves

James Fowler is the author of a celebrated study of human faith development, generalized into six stages, from the fantasy-filled view of a young child to a rare, universalizing maturity of someone like Gandhi. Bill will attempt to apply these stages to the Biblical story celebrated as Passover on the eve of the beginning of that great “Festival of Freedom.”

After a career in law, including work for the US Justice Department, Bill earned a Divinity degree from Seattle University. He was ordained at UUCWI in 2010 and has served UU congregations in the Skagit Valley, Tacoma, and Ellensburg.

Worship Leader: Becky Myrick
Musician: Claudia Mitchell

Meditation and Chanting: A Day Hike to That Inherently Good Place

with Guest Minister Rev. Bill Graves

Meditation and chanting are two related forms of spiritual practice that assist in achieving heightened awareness and inner peace. Spiritual practice is an essential complement to social justice work and vice versa. Bill will introduce a sampling of these life-enhancing practices with help from his friends.
Guest Musician: Julie Pigott
Worship Leader: Sarah Richards

Deciding What to Do with the Rest of “Your One Wild and Precious Life” (Audio)

Each of us in a sense is faced with that question (thank you, Mary Oliver) on the eve of the annual congregational canvass since money represents a form of life energy. Bill will suggest that the most profound answers to the question may be found where we are invited into consciousness of both wonder and suffering. Let us seek to sustain such a place. And, let us not build walls.

Rev. Bill Graves is a former president of UUCWI who went back to school and became ordained as a UU minister. He has served our congregations in Mount Vernon and Tacoma, and presently is part time minister of the Kittitas Valley UU Congregation in Ellensburg. He still resides most of the time on Whidbey Island with his wife, Frances Wood. Worship Leader: John Long

Keeping Faith No Matter What

This service will occur shortly before the end of an excruciatingly long and troubling exercise in “democracy in action”.   Regardless of the outcome our UU faith offers comfort and hope even as there is much work ahead. The heart of that faith for 450 years … read more.