Speaker: Melanie Bacon

From her early childhood, Melanie has self-identified as a “spiritual person” She entered seminary as a young adult, only to discover she wasn’t so much “Christian” as Buddhist and mystic. So her career took a different and eclectic path. Today she serves as one of our three Island County Commissioners. As the author of The Declaration of Interdependence, she was delighted and surprised when UU’s incorporated her words in our worship materials and that UUCWI has asked her to speak to that theme.

Declaration of Interdependence – Video

with Terra Anderson, Special Music from Jeanette d’Armand and John Patrick Lowrie

Our 1st principle asserts the inherent worth and dignity of all beings; our 7th honors that all life is interconnected.  What responsibilities do those values insist of us?  Our guest speaker, Melanie Bacon, will … read more.