Speaker: Kathryn Rickert

An introduction to Kathryn Rickert in her own words:
Born and raised, mostly in Seattle, and raised her own three children in Shoreline with her husband, Gary. More than 50 years of visiting Whidbey Island before moving here eight years ago. Of eclectically scattered interests, including several languages, diversity, cultures, piano & organ, student and teacher of Biblical Hebrew, biblical spirituality, Church musician, 25+ years as adjunct faculty at Seattle University, School of Theology & Ministry, late-in-life-PhD, (Talking Back to God- Narrative Laments of OT), recent Benedictine Oblate, Episcopalian, creative/messy cook and writer, and grateful walker of many South Whidbey trails, who fell into a book project prompted by the error message, “Your internet connection is unstable”, as an invitation to use this season of distress for a kind of spiritual research and development into how the world depends upon various holy strings within and between us, the Creation and the Creator.

Unstable Connections and Holy Strings

Image by Zach Lezniewicz on Unsplash.

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Guest speaker Kathryn Rickert invites us to look into the exceptional experiences and reflections of the Covid age, in order to learn something about our connections to the Holy One, Creation, each … read more.