Speaker: Effie Brown

UUCWI Worship Leader

Let Us Be Thankful (Video)

Please join In Person or on Zoom. Service link is open at 9:45 on Sunday.

With Carolyn Goodenough, Gary Hattal, Kate Nunn and guest musicians, Heidi Hoelting and Sue Baer

Let us be thankful for the people and experiences that challenge us to change and grow, to recognize … read more.

Vulnerability: Open to Possibility – Video

Image by Remi Walle on Unsplash

Please join In Person or on Zoom. Service link is open at 9:45 on Sunday.

With Cathie Vincent, Jeanne Strong, and Tom Buxton. Musicians are Eileen Soskin and Ken Merrell.

Feeling vulnerable is inevitable.  We feel vulnerable to loss and perceived threats … read more.

Joy is a Choice! – Video

Image by Kolby Milton on Unsplash.

Living life fully includes choosing to open our hearts and minds to both joy and sorrow. Join us the day after Christmas to enjoy reflections, poem, stories including Ebenezer Scrooge 2nd  Verse, and music including Beethoven’s Ode to Joy.  Effie Brown with … read more.

Outcome to be Determined

Image by Brett Jordan on Unsplash.

The song says change is gonna come, but it seems to be taking forever.   And many times  it feels like things are going backwards. It is so frustrating!  But someone once told me “We are not called to be successful.  We … read more.

Remembering Our Beloveds

Image by James Shultz on Unsplash.

With David Edwards and the Chalice Choir.

Click this link by 9:45 on Sunday to join our service.

Among the most powerful of the stories we tell ourselves and one another are those that keep alive the memories of our departed loved … read more.

Fuel for the Fire

Artwork by Kathleen Myers.

Featuring the Chalice Choir led by David Edwards.

Click this link by 9:45 on Sunday to join our service.

In February we enjoyed services and “Soul Matters” conversations about this treasured community and what it means to cultivate a broader “beloved” community.  … read more.

Gifts of Imagination – Video

With Eileen Soskin, Leo Bialik, Bill Graves, and Judi Nyerges.

Image by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash.

Our imagination is often focused on how to change or improve our future lives. Equally important imagination can help us recognize and celebrate the beauty, magic, and the sacred present … read more.