Speaker: Cynthia Trenshaw

The Art of Loss – Video

Worship Leader:  Effie Brown
Guest Speaker:  Cynthia Trenshaw
Music: Eileen Soskin, Mavis Cauffman, Ruth Richards, Kate Sheppard
Tech Team:  Mavis Cauffman, Anders Hornblad 

Grief is always preceded by loss. But not every loss is acknowledged or grieved. There is an art to recognizing loss in our lives, and an art to nurturing … read more.

 A Writer, Being Written (Audio)

An unseen Hand and a silent Voice offer edits during a life’s spiritual narrative. It’s unwise to ignore the Editor’s suggestions. But paying attention can change the narrative’s trajectory far beyond the expected.Writer and poet Cynthia Trenshaw speaks of “the sacred Editor’s” influence in her life.