Speaker: Connie Barlow

BIO: Connie grew up in Detroit, getting an environmental education working in our national parks. While in Seattle during the 1980s she transitioned from consulting for the fossil fuel industry, moving to New York and the far less lucrative career of science writing in the fields of evolution and paleoecology. She has written 4 books. In 2002 she downshifted careers again when she and her husband, Michael Dowd, hit the road as “America’s evolutionary evangelists.” In 2016, the duo was honored at UU General Assembly as “Religious Humanists of the Year.” Connie is now a climate activist — advocating for “assisted migration” of America’s native trees. In our own Salish Sea region, Connie is calling attention to old horticultural plantings of California Redwoods that are thriving here and launching seedlings into nearby regrowth forests. Her shift into climate activism is both cause and consequence of wrenching worldview shifts for her in recent years.

Finding Meaning in the Dark (Audio)

Guest speaker: Connie Barlow
This season of darkness invites us to reflect on the upsets and disappointments within ourselves and with our culture/society.  As video editor of a new conversation series with environmental and social activists the world over, Connie will offer gems of wisdom she … read more.

Worldviews in Transition

Guest Speaker: Connie Barlow
In this time of economic and cultural unease, ecological overshoot, and frightening shifts in climate systems, long-accepted world views falter. What happens when the future we behold appears bleaker than our psyches are prepared to handle?

Connie Barlow