The UUCWI Social Environmental Justice Council (SEJC) evolved out of the Social Justice Council in recognition that nothing threatens social structure more than climate change. Syria and Puerto Rico give testimony to this. With this broader charge, we launched the Moral Ground series: Ethics and Actions for a Planet in Peril. In doing so, we have become a “go to” organization for folks on Whidbey Island concerned about this issue.

We do not focus solely on the CO2 Crisis but address issues that we feel closest to here on Whidbey, primarily: racial, environmental, economic, and gender justice. We collaborate with state, regional, and local groups, including: NWUU Justice Network, UU Voices for Justice,, Faith Action Network, PFLAG, Climate Disobedience Center,and many others. UUCWI is also a key member of the Green Congregations Coalition of Whidbey Island.

Additionally, we raise funds via monthly and special dedicated offerings at services for an array of organizations. We organize demonstrations, marches, testify at hearings, provide information to legislators, and submit critical, timely information and actionable items via the UUCWI newsletter and NWUUJN website.

Finally, we recognize the original inhabitants of Turtle Island, promote their cause, and acknowledge that they are still here and struggling. SEJC has strong bonds with the Lummi Nation, in particular.

Social Environmental Justice Council Role and Responsibility Statement