What Does Love Ask of Us? – Video

With Toyan Copeland, Ken Merrell, & Eileen Soskin

In these unprecedented and unjust times, our Unitarian Universalist Association is making substantive changes to how we (the member congregations of our Association) minister together. Everything from how we run our meetings at General Assembly to who serves in leadership to the revision of by-laws, including Article II, which articulates our Purposes and Principles, is being reconsidered in light of a deepening clarity that the needs of our time demand new ways of doing things. These ways are rooted in our core values, and in particular in the value of Love, which the Article II Study Commission identified as central through conversations with hundreds of UUs across the country. Today we’ll explore how our covenantal congregation might lean into the challenging and transforming call to serve love, within and among us and in the wider world.