We Are Going, But Where? – Video

Artwork by Kathleen Myers.

Today we celebrate the gifts of the UUCWI community as we wrap up our annual Stewardship Campaign. The future of a congregation is best grounded in the congregation’s values and built upon its strengths. This morning, I’ll share a bit of what I’ve been learning about both through the Heart of UUCWI process, and ask what difference UUCWI might make within, among, and beyond us a few years into the future. This service will set the stage for phase three of our process, which launches in the after-service workshop! 

PLEASE PLAN TO TAKE A 20 MINUTE BIO-BREAK after the service,THEN RETURN TO THE SAME ZOOM ROOM for an after-service workshop where the BoT will share what they’ve heard from you during phases one and two of the Heart of UUCWI, and I’ll invite you into a creative and collaborative process of imagining what difference UUCWI will be making a few years from now!  We estimate this meeting will last less than 75 minutes.