The World Is in Our Hands (audio)

With guest speaker Kathleen Dean Moore
We know our future is threatened by mass extinction and climate chaos. Our calling is not only to disrupt destructive business-as-usual, but to imagine new, life-enhancing, beauty-drenched ways of life. Can we create powerful paths to the future based on the gifts that imagination gives: empathy, moral courage, and a new vision of what we and the world can be if we change now?

Kathleen is a writer, moral philosopher, and environmental thought-leader, devoted to an unrelenting defense of the future against those who would pillage and wreck the planet. As a professor and writer, she is best known for her award-winning books of essays that celebrate and explore the meaning of the wet, wild world of rivers, islands, and tidal shores But her growing alarm at the devastation of the natural world led her to focus her writing, speaking and activism on the moral urgency of action against climate change and habitat destruction.

Worship leader: Terra Anderson
Special music: Ken Merrell