The Parking Lot Will Crack and Bloom Again (Audio)

Every day we hear more about what we are doing to our world, and to our future. Facing these truths is one of the great tasks of our time. But it is also essential to recognize the immense power of resilience in the natural world and in us. In this service, led by Rev. Florence Caplow, UU minister, Buddhist priest, and former conservation biologist, we will honor resilience, and we will celebrate what is always “breaking through the pavement” within and around us. Special musical guest, singer/songwriter Dana Lyons!!

Rev. Florence Caplow is both an ordained Soto Zen Buddhist priest and an ordained UU minister. She is currently serving as the lead minister for the UU Church of Urbana Champaign in Illinois, though some of you may remember her as first the intern and then the assistant minister at Quimper UU Fellowship. Before going into the ministry she was a conservation botanist, doing fieldwork throughout the West, including right here on Whidbey Island with golden painbrush. She is a social justice and climate change activist, and she is committed to bringing Buddhist practices and teachings to those of us engaged in creating a better world. She is a writer and editor, and has co-edited two books, one an anthology of nature and environmental writing, and one a collection of wisdom stories from Buddhist women throughout the centuries, called The Hidden Lamp. She last spoke at UUCWI in July of 2018.