Nurturing an Honorable Relationship to Time and Nature

Rev. Dowd will explore healthy vs. unhealthy ways of relating to reality and offer practical guidance for nurturing a mythic relationship to Time and Nature that does not require believing in anything. “Sustainable means accountable to the future. Unsustainable means unaccountable to the future. Everything else is but a footnote or distraction.” ~ Rev. Michael Dowd
Worship Leader: Becky Myrick

Pro-Future Faith and Action

So we can go deeper will Michael Dowd, we will also be offering an evening discussion at UUCWI on Oct 17 at 7:00 p.m. in our sanctuary.

Michael is the author of Thank God for Evolution & EarthSpirit and travels all over the globe speaking his message of earth science, inspiration and sustainability.

As one reader of his books put it, “Michael turns traditional Christian theology on its ear and, without disturbing the core truths of Judeo- Christianity, he gives them an essentially new set of clothes and a much more disturbing kind of challenge to live our faith in all parts of our life and in all we see.” Dowd can elegantly weave scripture, cosmology, and the Universe together as only a master storyteller can. Come hear “our Universe Story” which has sprung from the heart of humanity and which gives us hope for the future. Coffee & refreshments will be served. For more information, see the flyer.