Seeking Wholeness – Video

with Mark Simpson  
Eileen Soskin, piano 

You can hardly open a newspaper today without encountering an article about mental illness. With Covid, the number of people (especially young people) seeking treatment for mental illness of one sort or another has skyrocketed, outstripping available resources. What is mental illness anyway, and what is helpful to those experiencing it? In this series of three services, the Rev. Melcher and UUCWI member Mark Simpson explore several dimensions of emotional dis-ease and well-being. Today, through poetry, song, and reflection, they’ll explore the search for wholeness in the wake of diagnoses of mental illness.

On October 2nd, in a service titled “Seeking Worth,” they will focus on the spiritual dimensions of emotional dis-ease and well-being. The series concludes with “Seeking Belonging” on October 16 with a look at the role family, friends, and congregations can play in supporting emotional well-being.