Seeking Belonging – Video

with Mark Simpson, Eileen Soskin & Jeannette d’Armand

A sense of belonging is crucial to well-being, but it is often elusive for people experiencing mental health challenges. In this third and final service in our series on mental illness, the Rev. Melcher and UUCWI member Mark Simpson explore ways that communities like ours can be a source of vital belonging, a place for connection and growth.

Note: The first service in the series was “Seeking Wholeness” on Sept. 18. The second was “Seeking Worth” on Oct. 2.

Dedicated Offering for the UNITARIAN UNIVERSALIST MENTAL HEALTH NETWORK on Sunday, October 16. The UU Mental Health Network is driven by a single goal: to empower the Beloved Community in honoring each individual’s unique mental health journey towards wellness. 

They envision a world where the Beloved Community is a place where all members feel welcomed, understood, and held in love; engages in respectful curiosity to understand emotional distress; welcomes open, authentic, and fearless sharing about mental health; and passionately commits to mental health justice.