Regret is a Human Emotion (Audio)

You may have heard it said that “regret is a useless emotion.” On the contrary, I believe that regret is a natural human emotion that plays a vital role in reconciling us internally, with one another, and with the Spirit of Life and Love. The Jewish Days of Awe, also called the Days of Repentance, invite us to consider where we have missed the mark in our own lives and relationships. If we allow ourselves to experience our regret, it may become a catalyst for healing.

with The Reverend Emily Melcher
Worship Leader: Rick Weiss
Special Musician: David Edwards

Song: My Thick Humanity, lyrics and music by Emily Melcher.  Musicians: Emily Melcher and Dave Edwards
Sermon: The Reverend Emily Melcher

Litany for the Days of Awe: a liturgy inspired by traditional Jewish ceremonies adapted by the Unitarian Universalists for Jewish Awareness and further adapted for UUCWI by Rick Weiss