Our UU Sixth Source: Spiritual Teaching of Earth-Centered Traditions (Audio)

Spiritual teachings of Earth-centered traditions celebrate the sacred circle of life and instruct us to live in harmony with the rhythms of nature. A fire requires fuel, and living whole-heartedly requires spiritual sustenance. Community and Relationships? Nature and Personal Experience? Stories, Myth, or Scripture? Teachers and Leaders? Tradition? What sources do you turn to that comfort you, challenge you, and inspire you? Let us bless ourselves, and each other, by exploring our richest sources.

Sixth Source Round Table: You are invited to join Rev. Amy after the service at 11:30 in the Olympus Classroom to share more about earth-centered spirituality and the Covenant of UU Pagans.

Guest Speaker: Rev. Amy Beltaine
Worship Leader: Linda Good

Sermon (part 1):

Sermon (part 2):