INGATHERING “From This We Live”

Please join us on Zoom or In Person. Click this link by 9:45 on Sunday to join our service.

The Rev. Dr. Susan Frederick Gray, President of our Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations, describes covenant as “a religious response to the fundamental, existential reality of interdependence.” This Sunday we’ll gather in, returning from summer vacations; from covid-required exile; from needful or painful times of solitude; from growing excitement about the year ahead or our newly chosen spiritual home. We’ll gather in from wherever we’ve been physically, emotionally, or spiritually, because we know in our bones how fundamental and existential is our need of this congregation, and its need of us. We’ll commission the Board of Trustees, welcome new members, consider the meaning of “shared ministry,” and renew our covenant with one another. Please plan to be here or zoom in, and to stay for our traditional ingathering potluck, which you can read more about elsewhere in this e-news.