How Will WE Bless the World? – Video

with Effie Brown,
UUCWI’s Virtual Choir,
David Edwards, Director, Erin Howard, Accompanist

Photo by Diego PH on Unsplash

We tend to think of the word “vocation” in terms of an individual’s calling, typically to service beyond themselves. Indeed, being part of a congregation may lead to the discovery and development of our individual gifts and contributions. Congregations also have vocations beyond themselves, where they contribute to blessing the world. While we simply can’t know, in this disorienting time, what’s ahead in the months and years to come, we can still benefit from considering how we, as a congregation, will bless the world. 

This sermon is the third in a series planned in anticipation of the congregational workshop exploring the Heart of UUCWI. The first two sermons in the series, “An Adventure of the Spirit” and “Daring to Belong”, (click the sermon titles to view the sermons). This sermon, “How Will WE Bless the World?” and the workshop were postponed due to Covid-19.