Hold On To Your UU Principles? – Video

With Terra Anderson
Eileen Soskin, Music

Familiar to every Unitarian Universalist (UU), our 7 Unitarian Universalist Principles comprise the covenant to which our congregations pledge themselves when they become members of our Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations (our UUA). For several decades, these commitments have accompanied us, shaped us, and told the world who we are. For some of us, these Principles are what drew us in; for many, they are beloved.

Did you know that these 7 Principles were always understood to be provisional, subject to periodic review and change in concert with our evolving consciousness and circumstances? Well, the time has come.

For the past 2 years UUs around the country have engaged in the study and revision process led by the Article II Study Commission of the UUA. Nearly 11,000 UUs have participated, and a draft revision is now being offered to our congregations for our collective consideration. Responding to the spiritual, ethical, and moral needs of our times, this sweeping revision places Love at the center of our values. The revision intends to enable congregations like UUCWI to be a relevant and powerful force for spiritual and moral growth, healing, and justice.

Please join The Reverend Dr. Emily Melcher and Terra Anderson as they introduce the proposed changes and explore how they intersect with UUCWI’s own values and goals. This service will be ever so much more meaningful if you’ll take the time to read the report of the Article II Study Commission, where you’ll find details about the process and the full text of the proposed revisions!