Earth Day Service – Video

With Terra Anderson, Worship Leader and Music by Ken Merrell

We have declared one of our core values here at UUCWI to be “love of our environment.” We love the forests, prairies, waterways, sunsets, birds, whales, the flora and fauna that surround us. Most of us have stories of restoring our equanimity, relieving our depression, finding inspiration, (dare I say even “finding the holy”?) from our encounters with the world that surrounds us. And as a congregation last June we embraced a vision moving forward that we would “practice earth stewardship.” What does that mean, what might it mean, for us individually and collectively? Join us Sunday, April 24th, for our annual Earth Day service.

There were so many wonderful videos submitted for this service that one third of them couldn’t fit into the service on Sunday. But, rest assured, those videos have been added onto this service video at the end. You can both watch the whole Service and/or go towards the end and just watch the missing bit.