Christmas Eve Magic

Image by Laura Nyhuis on Unsplash.

Click this link by 3:45pm on Friday to join our service.

Christmas Eve is a sacred night on which Unitarian Universalists celebrate the universal hope for peace on earth and open our hearts to embrace the story of the birth of a special baby.  Please join Terra Anderson and Eileen Soskin as we share stories and songs about the magic of the Christmas season.  

There will be many familiar carols sung for you and by you at our Christmas Eve service at 4:00pm on December 24th.  You are invited to sing along with gusto in the privacy of your own home and, to encourage you, we have compiled lyrics so you can sing the words instead of “la la la” (although “la la la” will be fine too)!  If you press this link, you will be able to print out the lyrics.  We do hope you will sing along!