This I Believe: For all that will be … YES! (audio)

Our annual This I Believe service is always a favorite. We ask members and friends of the congregation to reflect on their personal beliefs and the values that guide their everyday living. This year will feature Jelcy Romberg, Cynthia Morrow-Hattal, and Johannes Meyling, who will share their ongoing “free and responsible search for truth and meaning.” Each has had a unique journey to the YES that fuels their life choices and each embraces a different aspect of the spirit of UU. What is the YES that calls you forward?

Worship Leader: Effie Brown
Special Music: Cynthia Morrow-Hattal and Nola Allen


Audio: Jelcy Romberg

Audio: Cynthia Morrow-Hattal

Audio: Johannes Meyling

Text of Johannes’ talk:  2018-4-29-Meyling