A Service of Our Living Tradition

Each year, at our UUA General Assembly, the “Service of the Living Tradition” honors those who have achieved significant milestones as religious leaders and acknowledges the continuing changes within our faith tradition.

Here at UUCWI, where leadership is shared, let us take time to honor some of those who have stepped up over the past 25 years to serve this community and celebrate this community’s continuing growth. Here too, as in the larger UU movement, change may be our only constant.

Special Music: The UU Trio and Friends

June 24th will be Dennis’ last day in our pulpit and as our minister. After the service, a community potluck is planned where we can offer both Dennis and Suzanne our best wishes, share laughter, stories and memories of their 6 years on the island.

Please plan to bring a special dish to share. Desserts and beverages will be provided.

If you have pictures and/or memories you would be willing to share, please contact Terra Anderson. Thanks can be shared that day, both as part of the program, or in a written book we will assemble.