A Good Word? (Audio and Video)

What’s a preacher to say in times like these? What would constitute “A Good Word” in the context of the resurgence of heteropatriarchy and the eruption of white nationalism, when the values we hold dear are increasingly being eroded, and human greed has driven the climate past the point of no return? Whether the mid-term elections have engendered hope or despair, this is no time for withdrawal into complacency; it is the time to resist, and to build resilience for the long-haul. Today I’ll share some questions and observations about how we might do that, hand-in-hand and arm-in-arm.

Gladys Howard, worship leader

Cynthia Morrow-Hattal and Eileen Soskin, music

AUDIO only (contains the Story for All Ages, as well as the sermon)


“A Good Word?” from EMILY A MELCHER on Vimeo.