Rabbi Olivier ben Haim

Glass Half Empty Glass Half Full – Audio

Effie Brown and Gene Berg will explore those often used and seemingly contradictory terms using the symbolic images of a glass half filled, an empty cup, and an overflowing cup.

Worship associate: Andrea Fink

Accompanist & Guest Musician: Eileen Soskin

Selma and the Empowerment Controversy

Due to Snow
This Service has been CANCELLED!!

In this, the second of three sermons in a series addressing Unitarian Unversalism’s challenges to become an anti-racist, anti-oppression, multi-cultural religion, we’ll explore two seminal events in Unitarian Universalist involvement with racial justice: MLK’s call to Selma, which was a prime example of how we showed up and put our lives on the line for the cause of racial justice; and the Empowerment Controversy within Unitarian Universalism, in which our predominantly white religious tradition failed to support our African American members, leading to an exodus of many of them from our congregations and Association.
Worship Leader: Terra Anderson

Special Music: The UUCWI Chalice Choir