We want you to feel like the honored guest you are,Our Church at UCWI and not a stranger, when you first visit us. This page is intended to help you know what to expect. We suggest that you also check our FAQ and browse this website to get to know more about us.

When you see our sign (two miles north of Freeland on the west side of Highway 525), drive into our wooded property and bear right to park your car. Just inside the front door, our volunteers can help you with a nametag,
show you where to hang coats, and point out the location of the restrooms. They will introduce you to the teachers in our children’s religious exploration classes, so that you can register your young ones or youth. The children start the service with the adults and go out to classes after about 15 minutes. See more about the children’s program here.
ChoirThe ushers at the door of the sanctuary will provide you with an Order of Service (program) and help you to a seat if you need assistance. Hearing-assist headphones are available. Please turn off your cell phone.

We start the service each week with special music in a variety of styles performed by talented local musicians, members of our congregation, or our choir. Visitors often comment on the richness and variety in our music.

Our services are as varied as our music. Twice a month, our minister is in the pulpit. The next week, we may have a speaker from another church or another faith. The next service might be about a social justice issue such as immigration. The week after could feature a play re-enacting Thoreau’s civil disobedience, followed a week later by a service celebrating a solstice.  Join us in keeping an open mind!

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early (more if you are bringing children for the first time) to ensure being seated before the music begins. Dress is “island casual”; we want you to be comfortable. Services last about an hour and 15 minutes.

After the service, we enjoy a coffee hour with refreshments where visitors can meet other congregants. At that time, we also host a smaller forum, a “Welcome Circle,” in our library for visitors to become acquainted with one another and a member of our congregation.

Come! We look forward to meeting you in person! You are welcome regardless of what spiritual path has brought you to our doors.

Have questions? Email us!

We were impressed with how friendly everyone was. And after our first visit, my wife said, “They didn’t say anything I disagreed with!” But it was on the second visit that I knew we could stop looking: they remembered our names!”