Minister: The UUCWI minister and chaplain are available for pastoral visits and to perform rites of passage ceremonies. You can read more about our minister and chaplin on our minister page.


Pastoral Care: UUCWI has an active program for providing comfort and support to members of the community. Pastoral care is delivered through three principal pathways which can be found on our pastoral care page.


Sermons: We have a variety of past sermons your welcome to read. Most of the sermons at this time are in PDF form. You may find the sermons on our sermon page.


Worship: Each week the sermon seeks to inspire our hearts and minds and to explore what gives our lives meaning and substance. We embrace the meaning of “worship” from the Old English “worth-scipe” as worthiness or ascribing worth to something.
You can find more information about our worship service by visiting our FAQ page or, by visiting our worship page.


Music: Music is an important facet of our ministry – within the congregation and to the greater Whidbey community. You can find our music page by clicking here…


Education: UUCWI Adult and Children-Youth Programs provide opportunities for those here at UUCWI. Please visit our Education page for more information regarding all our programs.