Ministerial Search 2012

Candidate Selection

5-1- agenda for candidate selection

Consensus in Meetings

consensus process

consensus process pg 2

Dave’s caution

Effie check list

Effie check list 2

Reference assignments

Effie’s references

Jesch and Simon references

Job Description

4-20 from Effie to com

contract- Effie

Contract for Consulting Ministry cauffman 2

contract revised

Effie letter 5-22-12

Finances of call

from Jean re contract

Kit’s use of time

Letter of Agreement – final

Minister’s Contract.Dennis.jmc.clean

Reynolds contract- final

Tim’s suggestions

to Dave re policy

UUA confirmation of Dennis status


A Brief History

A Welcome to Candidates


Covenant of Right Relations


Goals That Call Us Forward

January Newsletter

Newcomer information

Order of Service – January 29, 2012

Our Committees at Work

Search Committee and Staff

UUCWI Survey summary

Whidbey Ministerial Search

Candidate Weekend

5-11 Jean’s notes

5-11 meeting notes effie

5-15 Phone call with Dennis

5-25-12 Letter to Congregation

6-3 Weekend schedule #2

6-3 Weekend schedule #3

change of candidate weekend

Dave C suggestions

Dennis’ letter 3

Dennis’ letter to congregation

Effie’e reflection on Dennis interview

manual on candidate weekend

Dave C suggestions

Newsleter article

Options for weekend

Reynolds Comprehensive Congregational Ministry

schedule for weekend – revised

schedule for weekend


Tasks 2

Tasks 3

To worshio Com re June 3rd date

Weekend notes

Miscellaneous Documents


Candidates 2012

Katherine Jesch

Raz Mason

Phil Schulamn

Ed Brock

Grace Simons

Carmen McDowell

Ken Jones

Amanda Aikman

Dennis Reynolds