Becoming a Member

Deciding whether you want to become a member …

We ask that all those who do not already have a Unitarian-Universalist background take our “Considering Membership” class taught by our minister and other church leaders. The purpose of the class is to help you decide if UUCWI is a spiritual home that fits you.

If you are interested in learning more about UUCWI, please speak to our minister or the person you see at the hospitality table on Sunday morning. We will make sure that you are invited to the next class, where you will learn about UU principles, our church activities, the history of our faith, the rights and obligations of membership, and perhaps as important, you will have a chance to share where you are on your own spiritual search.

Rev. Emily Melcher

When you decide to join …

The first step in becoming a member after attending Considering Membership is to fill out a membership card. This card is an official declaration of your choice to support this UUCWI community. Our Bylaws require all members to declare their commitment to UUCWI by signing this card each year during our annual Stewardship Appeal. In addition to making clear that you want to be part of this congregation, this card also allows you to tailor a commitment of financial support to UUCWI, detailing an amount and a schedule for your financial contribution. You can get this card from the minister or a member of the Membership Committee.

Finally, you will sign the membership book. This can be done privately with the minister or a Membership Committee person. New members are encouraged however, to join in a signing of the membership book in front of the congregation, usually held during one of our Sunday services.

If you have questions about our membership process, please talk with someone on the Membership Committee. Or email us!


Community Involvement …

We are committed to our Principles and Covenants. We strive to understand and work toward those ideals as we move through the world and in our interactions with each other. They are foundational to this congregation.

But we benefit in a very personal way when we make connections with others in the congregation, connections that can grow and deepen over time. We make these connections by getting involved in church activities—such as study groups, social gatherings, volunteer work, and committees.

If you are not sure about a particular area of interest, volunteer to make the coffee and refreshments for the after-service social hour. Or, help with the monthly Saturday grounds clean-up. The folks that you meet in activities like these are the secret to finding meaningful connection. The Membership Committee will enjoy talking with you about your interests and needs as you begin your time here at UUCWI.