The Path to Membership
Rev. Emily Melcher
Deciding whether you want to become a member
We ask that all those who do not already have a Unitarian-Universalist background take our UU101 class taught by our minister and other church leaders. If you are interested in UU101, you may speak to our minister or folks at the hospitality table. They can see that you are invited to the next class. The class is offered every two or three months on a weekend and requires about three hours (including lunch). It provides information on UU beliefs and principles, our church activities, some history of our faith (including famous people you might not have known were UUs), the rights and obligations of membership, and perhaps as important, a chance to share where you are on your own spiritual search. By the end of this class, you should have a good deal of information to help you decide if UUCWI is a spiritual home that fits you.

Some privileges, such as voting on the affairs of the congregation, are reserved for members. However, while you are deciding, you are welcome to participate in the life of the congregation. Participation is the best way to make friends and helps keep this a vibrant place.

When you decide to join
Let our minister or any church leader know of your interest in joining the congregation. We will invite you to sign the membership book and attend a ceremony where the congregation will welcome you. Following the signing of the book, a visiting steward will contact you to schedule a discussion about your interests and ways in which you might want to get involved with other members in the life of the congregation. We will also give you an opportunity to pledge your financial support for the work of the congregation.


Sharing in the Unitarian Universalist community

We have a variety of church committees and activities – classes, discussion groups, group dinners, work parties, community volunteer opportunities, and more. One of the most popular for new members is our “Building your own theology” adult program. We hope you will step forward and offer to take part in one or more of our groups or activities. We may also contact you and invite you to serve on a committee such as the Membership Committee, Visual Arts, or Building and Grounds. You will receive weekly emails that alert you to the many spiritual and social activities sponsored by the church. Jump in, and you will feel much more a part of this caring and supportive congregation.