Pledging is part of the journey


When you become a member  of this congregation, you are asked to make a commitment to support its work. For information on this path to membership, please see our page about Joining.  Members, and others interested in promoting our programs, are asked annually to share their time, effort, and financial resources to the extent that they are able. Although a financial commitment is not required, pledging helps the church plan its programs. Donations of money or items, whether as part of a pledge or as a special gift, are deductible from U.S. federal taxes as charitable contributions.

In determining what you can give financially to UUCWI, you are encouraged to reflect on the principles and core values in your own life and to examine the alignment of those principles and values with the spiritual and ethical work of this church. Then let that natural fit guide your financial generosity towards our beloved community. To help you determine what amount you might contribute, the UUA has fair share guidelines.