UUCWI rents our facilities to organizations whose missions align with UUCWI values and principles. We also welcome individuals needing a space for rites of passage: weddings, memorial services, and significant celebrations. Our sanctuary is a beautiful, blessed space–a perfect setting for such occasions. Rental of our sanctuary comes with access to our commercial kitchen and outdoor deck. In addition to the sanctuary, we have three small classrooms available to rent.

Every event must have a member of UUCWI present at the event to act as host. If you do not have a friend who is a member who is willing to donate their time, there will be an additional fee to hire a member to act as host.


If you need more than the basic sound system (two hand-held microphones), there may be a fee to have a sound technician present.

These links answer common questions:

Rental Fees

Building Use Manual

Building Layout Diagram

Facility Image Gallery

Please check our online calendar to see if a particular date is available.  You will need to confirm reservation dates, rates, and details with our administrator.