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BP18 Building Rentals to other Faith-based Communities
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BP20 Building Rentals to Organizations aligned with UU Values

Roles and Responsibilities

RR Adult Exploration
RR Building and Grounds
RR Care and Connections
RR Earth Spirit Circle Committee
RR Engagement Committee
RR Finance Committee
RR Internet Communications Committee
RR Leadership Council
RR Library Committee
RR Membership Committee
RR Committee on Shared Ministry
RR Music Committee
RR Nominating Committee
RR Children’s Religious Exploration Committee
RR Children’s Religious Exploration Teacher
RR Stewardship Committee

RR Social and Environmental Justice Council 
RR Stewardship Committee
RR Visual Arts Committee
RR Worship Committee
Draft RR Planned Giving Committee

Minutes of Congregational Meetings

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Annual Report

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Other Congregational Reports

Thoughts from Past Board Members
Proposed budget for fiscal year 2018 – 2019 

Committee Documents

How to Draft a Procedure
Building and Grounds Committee

 Building Maintenance Schedule

        Membership Committee Documents

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Updated Refreshment Guidelines

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               Music Committee Documents

Stewardship Committee Documents

Stewardship Dinner Logistics
Stewardship Brochure 2017-2018
Stewardship Pledge Card 2017-2018

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Worship Committee Documents

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Long Range Planning Committee Documents

Initial Charge Long Range Planning Committee
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