The Chalice Lighter Program assists the growth of new and existing congregations in the Pacific NorthwestOUTREACH_ChaliceLighters_image1 District (PNWD) of the Unitarian Universalist Association by providing small grants to member congregations with the greatest needs. It is funded exclusively through contributions from individual Unitarian Universalists who participate as Chalice Lighters by committing to make a modest donation up to three times per year.

Chalice Lighter grants help congregations by providing funds to implement a significant part of their growth plan and may be used to:
• secure or increase professional religious leadership
• help a congregation secure, improve or furnish a building
• reach out to the community to attract new members
• initiate a new congregation, or
• fund any other creative program to facilitate growth.

UUCWI has been a beneficiary of this program twice since we began building. The first was a broad grant to help construction of the building. When we applied a second time, we received funds for our outdoor lighting, paving the skirt in front of our entry, and a new sound system.

Become a Chalice Lighter

There are many good reasons to join the PNWD Unitarian Universalists who are Chalice Lighters. Being a Chalice Lighter brings you the joy of watching your $15 (or larger) contribution multiply to a grant of more than $18,000 to support the growth of our liberal religion in the Pacific Northwest. By being a Chalice Lighter, you will help your congregation qualify for a Chalice Lighter grant. The more of us who take the Chalice Lighter pledge, the more the program will have to offer to growing congregations.

When you become a Chalice Lighter, each year you will receive no more than three call letters or emails. The letter will explain the purpose of the call, so you will know exactly where your money is going. Ten percent of call receipts, but never more than $2,500, is retained by the district to help offset direct costs.

Once your enrollment is processed, your name will be added to the donor roster, and you will receive a Chalice Lighter pin. Wear it proudly!

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