Author: Sarah Richards


Wait until you see the amazing desserts that will be auctioned off!!

Reflections on a Journey to Sacred Stone

September 25, 2016

Rev. Dennis Reynolds:
I was honored to be part of a small Pacific Northwest UU delegation to the Standing Rock Sioux’s tribal lands. There we joined people from 200 indigenous communities and tribal nations as part of efforts to halt an oil pipeline … read more.

Just Who Are We, Anyway?

Aug. 21,2016

This was an opportunity to look inward and consider who we are as UUs.  We took a look at UU doctrine and expectations as well as the glue that binds us together.  And finally, we considered possibilities for an exciting future for our congregation.

Speaker: Ron Roesler

… read more.

The Auction – November 7th!

Auction News

Did you know that every auction ticket comes with two complementary raffle tickets? Use raffle tickets for dinners, events, hikes, parties, art classes, stays in vacation homes, gift baskets and surprises! Are you feeling lucky?

You’ll love the auction dessert scramble: thievery, intrigue and … read more.