Author: Mavis Cauffman

Noah: Hero or Villain?

Sunday Service, October 30 at 10 am
Speaker: Rabbi Olivier BenHaim
The story of Noah and the Great Flood is probably one of the best known stories in the Western World. Noah, the Ark builder, singled out by God to save the animals from the … read more.

Keeping Faith No Matter What

Sunday Worship Service: Nov 6, 2016 at 10 am

Guest Minister: Rev. Bill Graves
This service will occur shortly before the end of an excruciatingly long and troubling exercise in “democracy in action”.   Regardless of the outcome our UU faith offers comfort and hope even as … read more.

What Is Progress?

Sunday Service, Nov 13 at 10 am
w/ Rev. Dennis Reynolds

The elections have come and gone.  It’s likely that none of us got just what we wanted.  For some, our favored candidates and issues never made the ballot.  Then those who consider themselves progressives were … read more.

Gratitude and Communion

Sunday Service, Nov 27 at 10 am
This service adapts traditional liturgy and ritual to reflect Unitarian Universalist principles. Members of the congregation will share reflections on gratitude for the gift of life, Earth’s bounty, and our commitment to peace, justice and love. … read more.