Author: Mavis Cauffman

Blessing of the Animals

August 28 at 10 am with Rev. Dennis Reynolds

Our lives are enriched by our connections to other animal species. Some of these animals inspire and enlighten us. Some live with us and sometimes we own them and sometimes they own us. Let us gather for … read more.

Help or Serve? Succeed or Fail?

Worship Service September 4 at 10 am

When encountering one who is marginalized – by illness, vulnerability, homelessness, or imprisonment – shall we help or shall we serve?  Will we succeed or will we fail?  Who decides?  A forum after the service will continue the discussion.  … read more.

Ingathering and Water Communion

Worship Service, September 11 at 10 am
Please join us for our annual Water Communion ritual.  This date is significant and this is an important time in our congregational calendar as we begin a new church year.  You are each invited to bring a small … read more.

The Spiritual Practice of Leadership

Sunday Service, September 18 at 10 am

Can you get from the mundane to the divine on a committee?  Sarah will ponder this question from her perspective as president of UUCWI.
Speaker: Sarah Richards
Worship Leader:

Reflections on My Journey to Sacred Stone

Worship service on Sunday, September 25 at 10 am

Rev. Dennis Reynolds
I was honored to be part of a small Pacific Northwest UU delegation to the Standing Rock Sioux’s tribal lands. There we joined people from 200 indigenous communities and tribal nations as part of … read more.

Temperamentally Unfit?

Sunday Service, October 2 at 10 am

Guest Speaker (via video): Rev. Mark Stringer

The Rev. Stringer, minister of the UU congregation in Des Moines, returned from his sabbatical with a meditation on what it means to be human as the world seems to be going awry.  … read more.

What Is A Healthy Congregation?

Sunday Service, October 9 at 10 am
Speaker: Rev. Dennis Reynolds
Conflicts inevitably arise in our own families — and in our congregational family.  So, how do we live out our unique individual values within a covenanted congregational community?  Is conflict okay?  If so, how … read more.

No Time Not To Love

Sunday Service, October 16 at 10 am
Guest Speaker: Rev. Amy Beltaine

There are those who would set fire to the world.  It is indeed tempting to shake our fists and decry the “evil” of corporations.  But how might we respond to sin with both compassion … read more.

Noah: Hero or Villain?

Sunday Service, October 30 at 10 am
Speaker: Rabbi Olivier BenHaim
The story of Noah and the Great Flood is probably one of the best known stories in the Western World. Noah, the Ark builder, singled out by God to save the animals from the … read more.