Get Involved/Participate

The happiest people are those who give of themselves. The best way to connect at a personal level with UUCWI and to make new friends, as well as to further the mission of the congregation, is to participate. Observers are welcome, and observation may increase your comfort level. But to make a difference, get involved!


Help Make It Happen

There are many ways to be involved. Attending services is a traditional and basic way to share the UUCWI experience, and a lot of work goes into making the services meaningful, so there are many ways to help with that. We welcome help in the form of ushers, chalice lighters, greeters, and coffee and refreshment hosts. These require little (although some) time and training and are great ways for new persons to start contributing and meet people. Think about singing in the choir!


Explore Your Beliefs

Some ways to participate revolve around adult programs groups. The “Building your own Theology” program is very popular among both newcomers and veterans. There are also monthly “Circle Dinners” that are good ways to connect and have fun.


Share the Work

In addition, varieties of service opportunities call to willing hands and hearts. The Children’s Religious Exploration program often needs experienced volunteers. The Social Responsibility and Caring Connections committees sponsor projects that attract a passionate cohort of persons dedicated to making a better world. The Building and Grounds committee plans and implements maintenance projects and work parties. Read about all our committees and their work on our committees page. We always welcome new committee members and volunteers willing to work.

Our annual auction has another set of needs: planning, food preparation, setup, cleanup, record-keeping, entertainment, as well as contributing and purchasing services and items.


We value and welcome your time and skills. However, we don’t want to press you. Please don’t wait to be asked to pitch in. If you’re ready to volunteer please contact the church administrator. We will find the right fit between your talents and our current needs, and will let us know you’re willing to be contacted. When called, please say yes!