UUCWI Library Committee is dedicated to managing the UUCWI Library. We are assisted by Friends of the UUCWI Library – volunteers from our congregation who offer various skills in helping us maintain and promote our resources.

The scope of our UUCWI Library collection is limited to books & media particularly useful to a Unitarian Universalist community, especially those not easily available in nearby public library collections. Though small and dependent on selective donations, the collection is rich with materials offering personal intellectual stimulation, inspiration, solace/comfort, opportunities for religious exploration, personal growth, and spiritual guidance. The collection also offers resources that can guide us as a faith community in maintaining a healthy congregation. Our Library catalog is online.

Our Friends of the Library group provides individuals special opportunities to become more aware of the library’s resources, which allows those who choose this way to “help out”at UUCWI, to then help, in turn, other members of the congregation become aware of those resources. Activities include:

  • Writing reviews of books they are reading
  • Helping arrange and maintain materials in useful browsing categories on the shelves
  • Offering skills needed in maintaining our online catalog
  • Promoting our library to other groups/ committees/friends in the congregation with whom they are already connected.

A Library Committee Member or a Friend is available on Sunday mornings from 9:15 – 9:45 a.m. to assist you personally in finding materials of interest. Information about how to locate books in our collection and how to “check them out” is also available on printed materials in the Library and on the Library Catalog Home Page.

For more information about this Committee or the Library, or to discuss becoming a member of the Library Committee or Friends of the Library group,  please contact our Committee Chairperson.