Next Leadership Council Meeting: Saturday – May 1st, 2021.

The UUCWI Leadership Council is a council of all UUCWI congregational leaders. It comprises all the committee leaders, staff, and board members, each of whom serves as a liaison for at least one committee. With quarterly meetings, the Leadership Council is chaired by the vice-president of the Board of Trustees.

The Council exists in order to:

  • Foster sharing and consultation among committees;
  • Promote appropriate collaboration among committees;
  • Identify and possibly resolve issues of responsibility among the affected parties or define the issues for Board consideration;
  • Provide visibility into the operations and governance activities of the congregation for enhanced coordination of activities, more effective functioning of the church, and to minimize lapses in meeting the congregation’s needs; and
  • Promote a strong sense of ownership of, and connection with, the UUCWI mission and community.

For more information, contact: Vice President of BoT

Roles and Responsibilities of the Leadership Council

Leadership Council Documents