Adult Programs provides opportunities for life-long learning and development for the whole person. These learning opportunities support our members and friends through study, exploration, reflection, spiritual practice, and fellowship. Adult programs help members and friends make deeper connections with one another; provide a path for those seeking spiritual and personal growth; and assist newcomers to integrate more fully into the congregation.

A UUCWI Adult Program is a class, workshop, discussion group, or social group that is (a) approved by the Adult Programs Committee and facilitated, and/or (b) sponsored UUCWI members and friends. No one pays, or is paid for, facilitation or instruction, except to cover the costs of materials or outside speakers/instructors. Such costs are covered entirely by the participants. Approved Adult Programs will be listed on the website and other UUCWI literature and can be held at the Church at no charge.

The organizer of an Adult Program must fill out the Adult Programs Education Program form, which will be reviewed by the Adult Programs Committee (AP Committee).

For more information, contact the UUCWI Administrator.

Roles and Responsibilities of Adult Programs