UUCWI offers a variety of Adult Programs for spiritual deepening and exploration of Unitarian Universalism and important issues of our times, as well as social circles that deepen connections among participants. Our Adult Programs are led by the minister and members and friends of UUCWI, and are open to all, though some are limited in size and require registration.

New programs arise out of the need and desire of members and friends, subject to the availability of volunteer facilitators! Please reach out to our minister if you have an idea about a program you’d like to facilitate!

Our Current Offerings:
(Note that programs on hiatus during the pandemic will be listed when we’re able to offer them in person again)

Spiritual Deepening and Exploration

Poetry Lovers Unite!
Register by February 28th
Zoom March 17, 24 and 31
6:30 to 8:00pm

Poetry touches us emotionally and inspires love, laughter, visualization, reflection, and examination of the world through the poetic realm. Though we have our favorite poems and poets, we know there is a deep well of yet-to-be-discovered poetry awaiting us.  Where to begin?

Register by emailing Judy Kaplan to receive the meeting link and her list of 66 poet laureates and Pulitzer Prize winners. You’ll find her email address in our directory. If you cannot access the directory, email admin@uucwi.org for contact information. Please do so before the end of February so you can get the list of poets.

Choose a poet from the list you’ll receive, do a bit of research about when and where this poet lived as well as their personal view of their craft.  Then be prepared with two to four of your poet’s poems to be read aloud to us all. What in each poem spoke to you? 

Starting Point
Our newcomer program, Starting Point, offers newcomers an opportunity to explore their own spirituality and its intersection with Unitarian Universalism and UUCWI. Robust resources and brief didactic presentations enable participants to learn about the history and theologies of Unitarian Universalism and explore the meaning of membership, and weekly sessions invite participants into the practices of deep listening that are central to our Soul Matters groups. This 5-week program runs twice a year, or whenever we have 6-8 interested newcomers.
Participation in Starting Point is a prerequisite for membership in UUCWI. If you’re interested in joining a Starting Point Program, please contact our Membership Chair person.

Soul Matters Groups
Soul Matters groups support participants’ deep engagement with our monthly ministry themes,* and foster spiritual connection through deep listening to self, others, and life itself. Soul Matters groups consist of 7-9 people, including a trained facilitator, who covenant to journey together over the course of several months, engaging individually with the monthly themes using provided materials, and meeting once a month to share and reflect on that engagement. Over 40 members and friends of UUCWI are participating in these groups this year!
New groups will begin in the Fall of 2021. If you’d like to learn more, or are interested in participating in a Soul Matters group, please contact our minister.

*We use monthly themes in our Worship, Soul Matters Groups, and Children’s Religious Exploration. Together with social media posts and a robust monthly thematic newsletter, these offerings offer multiple ways for members and friends to engage with our themes.

Social Groups

The UUCWI Men’s group has a decade-long history of providing supportive interactions among our participants.  In this time of social distancing, the group meets via zoom at 10 am on Wednesdays.  The regular attendees would like to extend an invitation to others to avail themselves of this convenient and comfortable opportunity to interact with friends.  All persons who identify as male will be welcomed.  The link is published in the weekly UUCWI E-News. If you have questions, just come to a meeting or ask our administrator for contact information.

A New UUCWI Women’s Group meets on the first and third Thursdays at 7:00 pm via zoom, and provides an opportunity for support and growth. Newcomers are always welcome. The link is published in the weekly UUCWI E-News. Email our administrator if you have questions, or simply show up to a meeting!