In Liminal Space

Every one of us experiences change: a new relationship, divorce, job loss, family changes, moving, health issues, the end of relationships, and, ultimately, our own deaths.  Our beloved UUCWI has also experienced significant changes in the past two years. Transitions specialist William Bridges writes, “It … read more.

Signposts on the Journey

It has often been said that life is a spiritual journey. As we acknowledge the accelerated rate of changes and the reality of the impact of climate change on our individual and community lives, we are called upon to make our … read more.

Chillin’ With the Villains

“It’s easy to love the “good” people, cuz they are just like us. But the “bad” ones, what do we do then?” Rev. Dr. Emily Brault complicates this narrative, and challenges our ideas of what Love looks like in the real … read more.

Honoring Gifts from Our Earth

with guest speaker Stacey Mitchell

As we approach another Winter Solstice and Christmas, what opportunities do we have for re-connecting to the Earth? How can we honor all the gifts the Earth provides us during a season focused on gifts, love, and celebrating … read more.